Solar Export Maroc est un expert fabricant intégrateur de solutions solaires en Afrique: modules photovoltaïques, solutions métiers et dessalement solaire.

Our turnkey solar solutions for your project

detect and exploit

your energy saving opportunities!

Is your monthly electricity consumption equal or superior to 50.000 DHS? SOLAR EXPORT MAROC and its financial partners provide you with a turnkey solar solution to reduce your energy costs, reduce your OPEX, without having to increase your company’s CAPEX.

SOLAR EXPORT MAROC covers all the stages of your project: engineering, procurement, construction, financing, installation & deployment, support & monitoring.

Industrial decarbonisation is on the agenda with new regulations on carbon impact and in the framework of the energy transition, SOLAREXPORT has developed an expertise recognised by the State and the principals of the Kingdom of Morocco.


  • Analysis of your electricity consumption by our in-house engineering department: identification of peak consumption, modelling of your electricity consumption,
  • Site analysis: geographical location, identification of the available surface, choice of the optimal orientation and inclination…,
  • Sizing of the required energy production,
  • Optimisation of the customised solar system,
  • Study of the environment,
  • Schedule of return on investment,
  • Preparation of a detailed technical and financial offer.


  • Procurement of quality equipment,
  • Direct relationship with suppliers: photovoltaic modules, mounting structures, inverters, smart meters, wiring,
  • Commitment to quality and implementation of guarantees for each piece of equipment.


  • A technical installation team trained and proven by over 10 years of experience and over 200 projects,
  • Commitment to deadlines,
  • Commitment to the delivery budget.

financing / 2 options

We are your financial partner. For customers with significant electricity bills, we offer suitable financing solutions via one of our specialised partners, developers or banking institutions, where repayment will be made at no additional cost thanks to the savings made.


  • On-site installation of a photovoltaic production unit,
  • Purchase of electricity at a fixed percentage below the market price,
  • Contractual commitment at the end of which you own the installation,
  • TAKE or PAY contract


  • Setting up a LEASING file,
  • Setting up structured financing.

In both cases, a reduced electricity bill is applied from the first month after installation.

available subsidies ?

We look for all available subsidies applicable to your sector of activity so that you can benefit from them.

installation & rollout

Our installation team is made up of experienced technicians who are familiar with all types of projects.

In perfect control of all the stages of the installation and in permanent contact with our engineers, our site manager and his team will ensure the smooth running of the operations: creation of the steel structures, ballasting with cement blocks, anti-rust protection, installation of the panels, connection of the cables, earthing.

over 250 installations completed since 2015

support & follow-up

Because a photovoltaic project is designed to last more than 25 years, we offer you personalised support and monitoring:

  • A dedicated contact person during the first year,
  • 3 technical visits during the first year,
  • Sending of a detailed monthly report of your photovoltaic consumption,
  • Real-time access to your consumption through our application,
  • On-site intervention in less than 48 hours.
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