Solar Export Maroc est un expert fabricant intégrateur de solutions solaires en Afrique: modules photovoltaïques, solutions métiers et dessalement solaire.

Solar pumping solutions

an economic irrigation

The ideal installation for the agricultural sector as well as for any customer with a well, the MApowerAgri© polycrystalline modules from SOLAR EXPORT MAROC guarantee you an optimal yield and a rapid reduction in your electricity consumption.

Constitution of a photovoltaic pumping system

Solar photovoltaic pumping systems use the conversion of solar radiation into electricity to power a pump in a borehole or well. The only difference between a solar pumping system and a conventional pumping system is the use of photovoltaic panels, an inverter and a suitable pump. The pumps used can be submersible, centrifugal or positive displacement depending on the conditions of use.

operating principle

Solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy. The electricity produced is a direct current of a few amperes, at a voltage of 12 to 18V, providing a power of 60 to 90 Wp depending on the model. This energy can be stored in batteries (accumulators) for continuous operation, or transmitted directly to the electrical device.

The inverter provides 220V AC power to the pump from the DC power supplied by the solar panels. The output of the pump will vary according to the amount of sunlight with a maximum output in the middle of the day.
The efficiency of the solar panels depends on the sunshine and the angle of exposure on the one hand and the temperature of the cells on the other. These two parameters depend on the latitude and the climatological and geographical characteristics of the installation area.

A study is mandatory for each case in order to know the surface of panels necessary for the pump.


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