Solar Export Maroc est un expert fabricant intégrateur de solutions solaires en Afrique: modules photovoltaïques, solutions métiers et dessalement solaire.

Sea and brackish water solar desalination solutions

clean water for drinking and irrigation

SOLAR EXPORT MAROC offers you a turnkey solution for 100% solar or hybrid supply of secure fresh water, thanks to MApower© polycrystalline or monocrystalline modules.

SOLAR EXPORT MAROC, integrator of 100% Moroccan photovoltaic modules, and Solarmen, a major player in the installation of solar panels in Morocco, offer you the world’s first photovoltaic solar desalination technology by reverse osmosis, without batteries, to provide access to drinking water for everyone, everywhere, at a competitive price and without any CO2 emissions.

irrigation and potability through

solar-powered desalination


High pressure pump to send water to the filtration membranes.

Main Switch

Electric control panel.


Water filtration using the reverse osmosis technique.


Cartridge filter for water purification and mineral enrichment.

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