Solar Export Maroc est un expert fabricant intégrateur de solutions solaires en Afrique: modules photovoltaïques, solutions métiers et dessalement solaire.

ON-GRID Solar Solutions

photovoltaics as a priority

Our ON-GRID solar installations allow for instant and priority consumption of the electricity produced by MApower© polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels, and reduce our customers’ electricity bills accordingly.

For domestic, agricultural, hotel or industrial use, SOLAR EXPORT MAROC offers you the appropriate solutions with small, medium and large power inverters and micro-inverters.

What is an ON-GRID system?

The term ON-GRID comes from the word “grid”.

ON-GRID connected photovoltaic modules are actually solar panels that are connected to the conventional electricity grid, i.e. they are installed on your roof and are connected to your meter as well as to the electricity distribution network.

The energy produced by your solar panels is consumed directly and you buy back from your supplier the electricity that you consume in addition, because as soon as the consumption of the household exceeds the production of the panels, the network provides the necessary surplus.

How to install an ON-GRID system

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