Solar Export Maroc est un expert fabricant intégrateur de solutions solaires en Afrique: modules photovoltaïques, solutions métiers et dessalement solaire.

OFF-GRID solar solutions

electricity, in total freedom

Off-grid solar systems allow you to consume electricity without being connected to the grid. Ideal for areas that are not connected to or served by the electricity grid, Solar Export Maroc markets MApower© stand-alone systems.

What is an "OFF-GRID" system?

Like the term “ON-GRID”, the term “OFF-GRID” is also derived from English.

In this type of self-consumption installation, the photovoltaic modules are not connected to the electricity grid. The entire system therefore operates completely autonomously, using batteries or directly feeding electrical appliances that are part of the grid.

All the energy produced is distributed to the house.

Principle of installing an OFF-GRID system

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