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Moroccan VSEs & SMEs in export: about the 2023 carbon tax

The Carbon Tax Adjustment Mechanism (CTAM), commonly known as the CO2 tax, is a climate protection measure. Its objective is to support the EU’s ambitions to mitigate climate change while preventing the risk of carbon leakage and ensuring compatibility with World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules.

The MACF helps third country producers to progressively reduce the risk of carbon leakage while providing incentives to make their production processes more environmentally friendly.

From 2023, the European Union will deploy its carbon adjustment mechanism at the borders. Moroccan exporting TPs and SMEs are directly concerned by these measures.

“The EU’s objective is to steer citizens’ consumption towards environmentally friendly products while creating fairness between foreign and European companies that have already paid CO2 taxes since 2014,” said expert Saïd Guemra.

The mechanism will be applicable from 2023 for a gradual introduction, to be fully operational in 2026.

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