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Decarbonising the export industry with renewable energy

Decarbonisation and energy performance of export industries in Morocco

Aware of the upcoming changes that will directly impact the export industries, we recently published the article “Moroccan SMEs in export: about the 2023 carbon tax”. Indeed, the European Union will soon deploy its Border Carbon Adjustment Mechanism (BCAM), commonly known as “carbon tax”, and Moroccan export industries are directly concerned by these measures.

Décarbonation des industries exportatrices marocaines
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According to the Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Ryad Mezzour (whom a SOLAR EXPORT delegation met), the Kingdom is well prepared for the carbon tax as it is one of the few countries that are in the path of the Paris Agreements. And according to Médias24, “the most important point is to allow our exporting industries to access renewable energy, whether it is high voltage or medium voltage”.

Also, in order to allow these same exporting companies to be accompanied in their energy transition, several solutions are today deployed by a precursor company in the field: SOLAREXPORT MOROCCO.
Indeed, thanks to its know-how and through its innovative and 100% Moroccan industrial project of manufacturing photovoltaic modules Made In Morocco, SOLAREXPORT MAROC offers turnkey solutions to the Kingdom’s industries thanks to renewable energies in general, and photovoltaic in particular.

On the R&D side, the company has established a partnership with IRESEN and the GREEN ENERGY PARK and is supported by the Moroccan government.

From the complete technical study by its in-house engineers to the installation of the photovoltaic modules, including the optimisation of the financial package, deployment and monitoring, the installation of a solar project thus makes it possible to reduce energy costs, while reducing OPEX without having to increase CAPEX.

Research into available subsidies is also carried out, and the benefits of a reduction in the electricity bill are visible from the first month following the installation.

It is in this context that Mr. Thierry POITOUT, General Manager of SOLAREXPORT MAROC, and Mr. Rayan MARGAOUI, Director of Development and Partnerships, attended a conference-debate organised in partnership with Engie, Adiwatt and the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Regional Investment Centre (CRI-TTA) under the theme “renewable energies at the service of the decarbonisation of exporting industries”.

This event aimed to present the mechanisms and concrete tools available to Moroccan exporting companies in their transition towards decarbonisation.

On this occasion, several experts in the field took the floor, and we would like to thank Mr. Hassan Sentissi El Idrissi, President of ASMEX, Mr. Jalal Benhayoun, Director General of CRI-TTA and Mr. Philippe Miquel, Director of Engie for North Africa.

We also welcome the interventions of Mr. Saïd Mouline, Director General of AMEE, Mr. Ali El Harti, President of the National Federation of Electricity, Electronics and Renewable Energies and Mr. Adil Zaidi, Vice-President of ASMEX.

Les énergies renouvelables au service de la décarbonation des industries exportatrices
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