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Conference on industrial sovereignty in Morocco

Industrial sovereignty: how to reduce import dependency?

In an increasingly competitive global economic context, the issue of industrial sovereignty has become an unavoidable subject of reflection, particularly for Morocco with regard to renewable energies in general, and solar energy in particular.

Rayan Margaoui (à gauche) et Thierry Poitout (à droite)
Rayan MARGAOUI (left) and Thierry POITOUT (right) - click to enlarge

Indeed, thanks to a particularly sunny climate, the country no longer only attracts tourists looking for less cloudy weather. On the contrary, it has rapidly established itself as a major and exemplary player on the international scene in the use of more environmentally friendly renewable energies, such as photovoltaic electricity production.

Moroccan industrialists’ appetite for this green electricity is indeed a reality, as solar panels not only allow them to optimise their energy performance and therefore their competitiveness on the one hand, but also ensure a lower carbon footprint in line with the forthcoming European carbon tax, a significant detail for exporting industries.

In the renewable energy sector, industrial sovereignty is therefore a fundamental principle and the basis of an economic position aimed at developing national preference for investment projects, promoting the “made in Morocco” product, and contributing to the influence of Moroccan know-how in Europe, Africa and the ECOWAS states.

It is in this context that SOLAREXPORT MOROCCO was invited to attend, on Friday June 3, 2022 in Casablanca, a conference organized by the group Le Matin, with the theme: “Industrial Sovereignty: how to reduce the dependence on imports?
We would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank the Le Matin group, and its head Mr. Mohammed Haitami, for their real involvement in this issue that concerns us all, and we congratulate them here for the quality of their actions.

Orchestrated by Mr. Rachid HALLAOUY, several speakers were invited, including Mr. Ryad MEZZOUR (Minister of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy), Mr. Mohamed BACHIRI (Vice-President of the CGEM and President of the Innovation and Industrial Development Commission), Mrs. Saadia BENNANI SLAOUI (CEO of Valyans) and Mr. Mohammed FIKRAT (Industrial Expert).

Mr. Thierry POITOUT, General Manager of SOLAREXPORT MAROC, accompanied by Mr. Rayan MARGAOUI, Director of Development and Partnerships, attended the conference with great interest because the innovative SOLAREXPORT MAROC project is in line with Moroccan industrial sovereignty, where the issues of competitiveness, productivity and quality are paramount.

Located in the industrial zone of Sidi Bouathmane, near Marrakech, the company aims to participate in the development of a sourcing and a local industry in the renewable energy sector, by proposing an industrial manufacturing unit of photovoltaic modules Made In Morocco “MAPower” with an annual projection of 300 MW, as well as assembly structures.

The SOLAREXPORT MAROC project is supported by the Moroccan government through its Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy, as well as by Marrakech Invest (the Regional Investment Centre of Marrakech-Safi).
A partnership with IRESEN and the Green Energy Park has also been concluded in order to provide a permanent innovation approach through R&D and training.

Thus, by providing an efficient and 100% Moroccan solution, SOLAREXPORT MAROC actively participates in the development of Morocco’s industrial sovereignty and will very soon offer the Moroccan market photovoltaic modules manufactured in Morocco and which will no longer need to be imported.

Souveraineté industrielle: comment réduire la dépendance des importations
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